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Mark Wilder

An award-winning Marketing Executive with over 20 years of experience leading marketing teams and projects across the music products, consumer electronics and financial services industries, Mark is the concept and messaging guru. He has led the branding, communications and marketing for hundreds of products over his career.

He leads the strategy, messaging, media, content and social teams.

Corrie Wilder

An award-winning Creative Director, Corrie has over 18 years of experience in all forms of print and digital design for brands in consumer goods, legal, sports and entertainment. A former Art Director at Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine, she studied graphic design at the renowned Parsons School of Design in New York.  

She leads the creative and website development teams.

Corrie & Mark Wilder, downtown Seattle Partners in marketing.

Brandon Kozak

A senior developer on our team, Brandon has over 10 years experience strategizing, developing and architecting websites and applications. He was the lead developer for Corazonas, Mackie, EAW and has worked on extensive builds for JMPC, Sherwin Williams, DieBold, Home Depot, Kaplan Professional, The Tribune Company, Cox Media and more.

Tim Walsh

With close to a decade in the design business Tim brings a focused energy into all his work. Tim’s background includes a wide range of skills from POP designs, creating website concepts, to branding identities. His specialties include managing multiple projects from initial concepts to final designs, branding and packaging.

Lee Weaver

Lee is an accomplished copywriter with a talent for finding just the right voice for each client and each project. His diverse background in journalism, PR, sales, marketing and management helps him develop the ideal tone and content for any campaign. He is also adept at leveraging connections for social discovery of content.

James Kenny

James is an open source mogul with 10 years of experience developing, architecting websites and applications with CMS frameworks like WordPress, Magento, Drupal and others. James works on the Corazonas, Mackie and EAW sites and has extensive knowledge of database management, CSS and eCommerce development.

Richard Ford

Our content marketing manager, Richard has developed numerous inbound campaigns, social campaigns and other specialized content that efficiently targets, attracts, converts and retains. With both copywriting and social media expertise, Richard has the right skills to create and execute effective campaigns that get results.

Brian Marshall

With a relentless passion for crafting messages that resonate, Brian continues to evolve his talent for writing lyrics in his “other” life to the world of marketing. His strong background in wireless and mobile platform marketing as well as music promotion, video production and voice-over help create unforgettable campaigns.