Corporate Identity System including new logo design, packaging concepts and engineering, packaging design and production for 56 new products.

The Client

M-Edge, a mobile device accessories manufacturer (cases, folios, protective screens, etc.) was undergoing a strategic shift in its audience targeting and product management. Seeking to move into a fitness/athletic wear aesthetic, the company was creating all new products with more robust materials and designs influenced by fitness fashion. In addition, the company added new products like gym totes and backpacks with integrated chargers.

The Work

Beginning with creating a new corporate identity and style guide, that reflected this fitness fashion approach, we embraced bold colors and rich textures for the color palette and style guide. This new logo and design style was then carried forward as a design element across the 56 new product packages. The packages were designed to show off the new textures and colors by allowing consumers to “touch and feel” the product without disturbing the packaging integrity.