Target-Retarget: Your Digital Marketing Mix

Generally, a brand’s marketing mix includes advertising using a variety of media. These include traditional forms of media: print, outdoor, TV and radio; and digital marketing media: websites, social, video and mobile.

Other elements of the mix can include events and retail promotions. As online sales and mobile usage continue to rise, the importance of effective digital advertising is rising too. It’s crucial to choose the right digital marketing platforms and budget for each. One of the more interesting choices online is retargeting as popularized by AdRoll.

What is Retargeting?
When someone visits a page on your website, a piece of code known as a pixel can attach itself to that visitor’s browser. The pixel makes it possible for the AdRoll platform to find that visitor when they’re on other sites after leaving yours. The platform then shows an ad for a product or service that they viewed, with the goal of bringing that person back to your site for another visit, or better yet, a purchase.

AdRoll is a very sophisticated platform. By making use of its segmenting tool, a previous visitor can be shown different messages and images depending on what products they saw or how long ago they visited. In addition, AdRoll enables retargeting using Facebook ads as well as display ads on websites. Retargeting on Facebook is an extremely effective way to reach new prospects and customers.

Bringing potential buyers back via retargeting increases the number of brand touches needed for a purchase decision to occur, while providing a good click through rate and value even with modest budgets. Retargeting also amplifies your digital marketing spend by keeping your brand “top of mind” as these potential customers continue to browse the internet.

Retargeting and the Theory of Brand Contacts.
Brand contacts or touches are the amount of times a potential customer experiences communications involving your brand or product, (e.g., comes “in contact” with your brand). The “theory of brand contacts” or “effective frequency” and the purchase funnel go hand in hand in defining the amount of contacts it takes for a consumer to make a purchase decision. The answer to how many contacts it takes is variable depending on the product or service, price point, urgency, scarcity and a host of other factors.

For most brands, we say 5 to 7 touches are the minimum required for a purchase decision. These touches are the variable pieces of your digital marketing mix: advertising, product websites, retail websites, reviews, events, social media, word of mouth, promotions and offers, sales people, point of sale displays… all of these, and many more are considered brand contacts.

Making continuous brand contacts increases a marketer’s opportunity to convert those initial website visitors. Since about 98% of traffic will not convert on first visit, a retargeting strategy represents a strategic opportunity to continue to reach previous visitors as they travel across the internet and increase your chances to move them through the funnel.

Retargeting Expertise
Ready to give retargeting a try? Wilder2 can provide you with digital marketing expertise, strategy and creative, as well as comprehensive reporting and recommendations based on results and industry knowledge. Using AdRoll along with other digital marketing platforms to create and execute a retargeting advertising strategy, we can help you meet and exceed your online expectations for awareness and conversion. We would love to assist you with this integral piece of the marketing mix.

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